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Tile Cleaning

The Challenges of Tile Cleaning in Fairfax, VA

Every homeowner knows that cleaning tiles and grout can be difficult, even with normal cleaning and classic grout cleaning options. This is especially true when attempting to remove dust particles that have settled on ceramic tile surfaces or become embedded in grout lines.

Grout, being a permeable product, accumulates dirt, soot, and stains. This often leads to discoloring of the surface. Regular cleaning may not effectively remove the unseen dirt that is located deep within the grout lines.

Tile Cleaning Fairfax VA
Tile Cleaning Fairfax VA

The Benefits of Hiring Fairfax Carpet Cleaners

We have the solution for tile cleaning in Fairfax, VA. The Fairfax Carpet Cleaners’ tile cleaning treatment removes allergens from your ceramic tile and grout floors. Fairfax Carpet Cleaners can extract these particles from the surface of the grout.

We will, with ease, clean and restore ceramic tiles, bringing back the new look to your flooring. Fairfax Carpet Cleaners can seal the grout between your tiles, eliminating the expense and necessity for complete

Our Tile Cleaning Service in Fairfax, VA

Fairfax Carpet Cleaners will also seal your grout after cleaning. Most ceramic and porcelain tiles have a low level of porosity and are resistant to dirt and stains. In fact, it is technically possible to apply a high standard impregnating solvent wax to tiles that can provide an additional level of protection. However, grout lines are extremely porous and require extra protection from dirt and staining.

Before starting the tile cleaning process, Fairfax Carpet Cleaners will inspect your floors. This inspection will help us determine the best approach and method for your tile surface. Then, our specialists will use high-pressure tools specifically designed to clean tile floors.

Fairfax Carpet Cleaners specialized system for tile cleaning and grout cleaning regenerates the shine on your floors, creating a fresh new look.

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