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Carpet Stretching

Benefits of carpet stretching in Fairfax VA

Carpet stretching in Fairfax VA helps any carpet straighten and smooth out. A carpet in good condition makes every room and entire house look more stylish.

To be tip-top, carpets need adequate maintenance and care routines. A client who gets in touch with experienced carpet stretching workers in Fairfax VA may be 100% positive that his carpet is in the best hands. Professional carpet techs use multi-directional tension from a pole system or power stretchers to do this. Special claws dig into the carpet to enact the force of almost 674 pounds.

When the carpet’s latex backing is stretched to the limit, the carpet will be perfectly even and without any kinks or wrinkles. Then, the carpet techs trim down the carpet’s edges to assure the best carpet size for the room. Carpet stretching in Fairfax VA is a special procedure that removes all unnecessary bumps or carpet surface bubbles and extends its age for 10 years.

carpet stretching
Carpet Stretching

Why opt for professionals? The answers are numerous, but the most significant ones are:

  1. It increases the safety in the house. Proper stretching adds to the overall safety of the residents. All people in the house, especially the elderly, small children, or pets, are no longer in danger of facing injuries when tripping on the carpet bumps. These injuries may be really serious, so this process contributes to safety in the house in the best way.
  2. Longer carpet’s lifespan. – The improperly installed carpet will last shorter and wear out sooner. So, call professionals to smooth all wrinkles on your carpet and slow its deterioration.
  3. The better visual look of the home. – After this procedure, every home will be visually different. If maintained properly and preserved with great attention, every carpet can contribute to the tidiness and better visual look of the house.

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Carpet Stretching


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