Carpets Cleaned by Professionals

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Tips to Prepare to Have Carpets Cleaned by Professionals Over time, after the frequent use, carpets become dirty, worn down and they need cleaning. If you call professional carpet cleaners, some tips will be more than welcome to prepare the … Continued

How to make natural tile disinfectant

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How to make natural tile disinfectant Many cleaning products are made with dangerous chemicals. Using those products near your children or pets can often be hazardous. Some of those chemicals can lead to allergic reactions, respiratory problems and they can … Continued

Using a clothes iron to remove stains

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KNOW HOW: Using a clothes iron to remove stains If your chore is carpet cleaning, stubborn stains have probably caused you to be on an edge of a nervous breakdown. They seem to appear every day out of nowhere. It … Continued

How to clean grout

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  How to clean grout   Grout is always the most challenging part of kitchen and bathroom cleaning. While tiles are quite easy to maintain, grout is a different story. It is a mixture od water, cement, and sand, that … Continued

Carpet Stretching

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What is carpet stretching and does your carpet need one? Carpets provide natural warmth and comfortable walking surface for bare feet. Even though, interior design magazines present tile, hardwood or stone floors as a high-end trend in home remodeling, good … Continued

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